Eyewear fanatics, color warriors, mineral viewers, freedom lovers, art observers, anartists, Barceloners, mind openers and culture defenders are just a few ways to describe the people behind ETNIA BARCELONA.


Taking the reigns of the family business in 2001, ETNIA BARCELONA was born from the mind of David Pellicer, a man who spent his childhood surrounded by glasses, playing in his parents’ factory while developing his knowledge and taste on the topic of eyewear.

David’s vision for the brand was built a collection on the idea of being free, being human, being multi-ethnic and being cultured. it would boasts bold designs for all types of people paired with never before seen color-ways that emphasize the personality within individual faces.

ETNIA BARCELONA’S creations are produced using natural acetate, a material made from cotton that is known for its comfort and malleability. The brand trusts its partners to design and manufacture the entire range of textures and colors for each season. The result is exhaustive control of the process from the start, with the materials, to the end, with the finished product.


All the colors are carefully selected, designed and produced by the brand. For the chromatic selection of each season Etnia Barcelona works with partners on trends and feeds off the world of fashion and art. Color studies are conducted twice a year (F/W-S/S) to incorporate new tones into the designs and inspirational moods are generated to imbue the new collections with life, richness and content 

Almost 20 years later ETNIA BARCELONA has grown to be a one of the most cutting edge independent eyewear brands in the world.